Boobyshare now connects tributers with cum tribute requests

Boobyshare has long been a fun way to share sexy boob pics. Now we're offering more. Post your requests for tributes and guys can upload their cum tribute pics to where they will be linked back to the original boobyshare boob pic by the mods.

Whenever you view a boob pic on, all cum tribute pics for it will be shown along with links to the tribute for comment. Likewise, when you view a cum tribute pic, you'll see a link back the original boob pic. This makes for a fun interactive experience.

For the uninitiated, consensual cum tributes are when a woman posts a photo of herself with captions such as “I need my tits soaked :)” In return, men provide the requested cum, either by masturbating onto a printed photo or directly onto their tablet or laptop. In the end, cum tributes are about connecting. The best part is the conversations between the women and cum tributers in a fantastic dance of exhibitionism and voyeurism.

Boobyshare has always been an active, genuine exchange, unlike the passive experience of typical porn sites. Now with these new features for connecting cum requests with tributers, it adds even more of a special component.

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